Patrick Parenteau

Who am I and what I do?
I am a creative thinker, a solution oriented, and adventurous individual. I have over 20 years of experience in the digital visual effets industry as a supervisor, lead and artist.

If you have a need to create or put together a team for a digital or a multidisciplinary project, I can help you find a solution to achieve success.

Here you will find is a collection of documents to present my work, my personal projects and basically anything that interest me.

There is a lot of material based on my work experience in the field of visual effects for various industry such as movies, TV series, video games and virtual rides.

In my spare time I enjoy travelling and especially taking pictures from around the world. My favorite subjects are natural wonders, historic sites and local animals.

To satisfy a creative need I often seek talented people to work together on multidisciplinary projects. 
Many creative fields interest me such as TV, films, photography, graphical creation, digital retouching, travel book, wood and metal work and sculpting.