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Patrick has more than 20 years of experience in digital creation, as an artist, team leader and supervisor in the video game, film and television industry
Graduated with a Master of Arts in 2017, with honors, this academic development allowed him to increase his ability in analysis, research, writing documents and presentations to the public.
In 2015 he was accepted into the association of the Visual Effects Society (VES) and was a board member and secretary for 2 years.



The things that interest him are sometime far apart in their relationship. He enjoys being away around the world, to learn and to experience new things. He still has a great interest in the visual effect industry but he is now seeking different challenges. To achieve that goal he went back to school. During this endeavor he graduated with a Master of Arts degree. He learned to create practical special effect with fluid mechanic. In his spare time he built a pipe desk for his home office. Is latest endeavour is a professional training in drone piloting.


Here is a collection of documents to present the work and personnal projects of Patrick Parenteau.


His main work experience is in digital special effects simulation. To satisfy his artistic goals he has put together a few personnal projects, mostly on his own and sometime surrounded with a team. A school assignement became under his supervision an ambitious project. The multidisciplinary team created a virtual reality environment including 3D modeling and animation, sculpting with ice and sculpy to achieve organic shapes and photogrametry to bring it all back in digital.