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I was invited to speak for a conference on the making of a Blade Runner Fan films for the Montreal Comicon 2012. The movie director and I spent some time presenting the fan made trailer for a possible sequel.


The director Matt Mickelson explained the experience of putting together a fan movie project with a limited budget and the possible consequence of making the project looking so good that it got noticed by the copyright owner of the orIginal film.


For my part I presented a few VFX sequences I worked on over the years as an hommage to my favorite film. They were noticed by the director and he asked me if he could  include them in his project.

Montreal Comicon 2012

Effects MTL 2018

Invited guest speaker at the 2018 Effects MTL 2018 to present the session entitled: Exploring the renewal of the VFX practice using traditional techniques in fluid mechanics.