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A list of all production work experience in digital special effects simulation can be found HERE.  

To experiment with some personnal goals, Patrick has put together a few personnal projects, mostly on his own and sometime surrounded with a team. His latest team project was for a school assignment during his Master degree. This project became, under his supervision, an ambitious multidisciplinary project within a virtual reality environment. The team created an interpretation of the environment found under the ice of Europa, one of Jupiter's moons. This project included 3D modeling and animation of alien sea creatures, sculpting with ice and sculpy to achieve the organic shapes of an icy cave and photogrametry to bring it all back in digital form. 

A lasting interest in industrial design was stimulated over the years with the design found in the movie Blade Runner. Startted many years ago, the 3D modeling of some of the vehicles and architecture of the film was used for software training and testing. The spinner car and the blimp were his favorite references. The aspect of creating 3D models based on some subjects with a limited screen time was challenging and rewarding because of the lack of reference materials. After the modeling, texture, lighting and animation, a team of fellow artist was put together to fill in some key element missing from the project. The matte painting for the background city, a character modeling for the spinner pilot, some animation rigs, the compositing of some animated billboard and final shot compositing. A shooting schedule with live camera was put together with the casting of a model to recreate the geisha advertisement animated board. The sequence which can be found HERE


Another notable project was achieved in solo with the design and creation of a custom pipe desk complete with shelf.The use of many recycled objects was a source of unexpected work with the need to create new metal threading on the pipes. Some research was also necessary to find the extra pipe fitting to match an unusually large size of pipe. The use of a professional plumbing tripod was key to achieve that goal and the knowledge required was learned with minimal training at the renting shop.

During his Master degree, Patrick put togheter a few different experience in practical special effect to achieve some unexpected and interesting details based on fluid mechanic experiments. The result of those experiences can be found HERE.