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My master's thesis is now available in French on Constellation.




Here is a English translation of the title and a short summary. 


Reflective practice in creation of digital special effects: Exploration of the renewal of the practice using traditional techniques in fluid mechanics.


This research work focuses on the renewal of the visual simulation artist's practice in industry. The context of practice in industry now involves increasingly rationalized and rigid production models posing several challenges and discomforts among artists. Over the years, the problem experienced in the practitioner's work experience refers to an aesthetic fatigue with regard to the tasks to be performed, that is to say to a loss of interest, disenchantment, a loss of pleasure in the act of creation, contrary to the strong passion that animated the beginning of his career. The practice in industry does not provide sufficiently interesting opportunities for the practitioner artist to pursue his development and quest for meaning; There is not much room for exploration, discovery, surprise, but on the opposite, its conduct becomes regulated and subject to the adjustments and procedures imposed by the choice made by studios for the use of digital technologies. Thus arising from the work structures where our professional practice is exercised, this malaise would be ideally surmountable by revisiting the traditional techniques of creating visual effects. This creative project will go in this direction ultimately aiming to allow us to regain the pleasure of creating visual effects. This project will consist of custom experiments of special effects based on traditional techniques of fluid mechanics. Using the theoretical framework of Schön's reflective practice, the purpose of this research is to bring a new meaning to visual effects artist practice.