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Always curious about other fields that could use his expertise, Patrick has many transferable competences that could be applied to different challenges. With a need to see and do different things to keep the motivation and interest going, he is in a constant need to grow, to learn and to reach a position where he could make a difference.


Exo Drone Laval
Professional training in drone piloting  started November 2018


University of Quebec in Montréal (UQAM)
Certificate in Film Scenarios  started part-time in 2017


University of Quebec in Chicoutimi (NAD- UQAC)
Master of Art with a profile in 3D animation 2017
Introduction and Master class with Houdini 2016
Intensive training with Autodesk Maya 2015


Campus Ubisoft Montreal
Training for Particle flow, FumeFX, Afterburn with Alan McKay. 2007
Training in management of performance and personal skills. 2005
Training in mobilizing leadership through coaching.


Vancouver Film School ( VFS )
Certificate in sculpture for animators with Jonathan Paine 1999

National center of Animation and Design (NAD)
College diploma in 3D animation  (DEP) 1995

University of Montreal
Industrial Design 1993 to 1994

Cegep of Vieux Montreal 
College diploma in Industrial Design (DEC) 1990 to 1993



Eidos - Montreal, Montreal, Quebec (Nov 2017 to Oct 2018)
Senior VFX Artist - Creation of in-game visual effects using proprietary software,  Houdini and Maya.


Digital District, Montreal, Quebec (Mai 2017– Oct 2017)
VFX Animator - Creation of VFX simulation with Houdini and Maya particles, fluids and cloth


Visual Effects Society, Montreal, Quebec (January 2017 — now)
Board member and secretary [volunteer work] international association for the VFX industry.


Mikros Images, Montreal, Quebec (January 2015– July 2016)
VFX Animator (Freelance) - Creation of complex VFX simulation with Maya particles, fluids and cloth


MPC (Moving Picture Company), Montreal, Quebec (November 2013 – April 2014)
FX TD. (Freelance) - Creation of complex VFX simulation with Autodesk Maya particles and fluids


Digital Dimension, Montreal, Quebec (August to November 2013) 
VFX Sequence Lead (Freelance) - Video game cinematic. Project: Rainbow Six: Siege and Thief


Oblique FX, Montreal, Quebec (2012 – 2013)
VFX simulation animator - Creation of complex pre rendered VFX work with FumeFX and particles. 


UBISOFT, Montreal, Quebec (2004 – 2012)
Senior VFX animator / Lead FX

Cinegroupe, Montreal, Quebec (2001 – 2003)
VFX Lead / VFX animator

Mainframe Entertainment, Vancouver, British-Colombia (1998 – 2001)
VFX Supervisor / VFX animator / 3D animator


Imaginative individual with a good sense of humor, solution oriented and calm under pressure.
During his master degree, Patrick has developed his capacities for public speaking, research, analysis, synthesis and document writing. He has put together digital and practical projects requiring transdisciplinary expertise and managed to motivate people to join and reach a higher level of quality.

Patrick is self motivated and never afraid to put in the effort required to reach the best result. He is often a cohesive agent in a group and that allows him to be comfortable with people and project management. His attention to details and tenacity are the main qualities that enabled him to have his work recognized by his peers and be accepted as a member of the Visual Effect Society.