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Here is a multidisciplinary project achieved for the second session of my Master’s degree in Art. A group effort influenced by the FIFA Women's World Cup in Canada.

For my part I wanted to bridge the digital concept with some old technique of presentation. I decided on using a combination of multiple concept such as the Pepper’s ghost with a Zoetrope and a retroprojection for the background.

The zootrope movement was achieved with a 3D animated carrousel showing through virtual blinds a sequence of stop motion photographs depicting two women playing soccer.

The linchpin for the project was the use of a computer screen tilted horizontally on a wooden frame with a sheet of plexiglass to create a reflection. I especialy had to make sure the wooden frame had to be strong enough to secure my computer screen.

The animation had to play on the screen upside down to counteract the angle of reflection on the plexiglass.

A digital matte painting of a stadium printed on a translucent film was later used as a background retroprojection for a final archaic concept.

Click here to see the Pepper’s ghost in